About this blog

I firmly believe we’re in for an increasingly bleak future, so I want to make this blog a genuine resource for resilience, adaptation, and preparedness.

I seek to bring the best of the permaculture, transition-town, deep adaptation, and self-sufficient practices and experts and combine them with the best ideas of collapse preppers, and survivalists (minus the paranoia, craziness, and consumerism).

I strive to make this blog realistic not naive or in denial… and without fear mongering.


About me

I’ve been loosely following the developments of our current crises throughout my life. But this past years I’ve shifted gears, the severity of our predicament is becoming more obvious.

I want to become more resilient and respond to the decline and collapse of our civilization.

Join me as I organize resources and interview experts

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My email is: jp (at) respondingtocollapse.com

Responding to collapse adaptation and resilience amidst the decline of civilization

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