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This blog is about coping with collapse, but because acceptance of our predicament is a crucial part of resilience, the first videos I will share here are about understanding these immediate converging crises.


Historical context: What is collapse? What causes it?

Collapse of Complex Societies by Dr. Joseph Tainter [1hr 9min]

Dr. Joseph Tainter the author Collapse of Complex Societies explains what collapse is and gives us a bit of a historical perspective on the collapse of past civilizations and explains some of the causes for their collapse. He argues that societies collapse from the same processes by which they become more complex, and that complexity itself is a key driver in collapse.

Complexity arises as an answer to solve problems but comes with a cost in terms of energy and/or work; higher complexity leads to higher costs and eventually leads to diminishing returns, making a society more vulnerable to collapse.

Why do societies collapse? by Jared Diamond [19min)

Jared Diamond the author of Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed focuses more on external and internal factors like the environment, and society. One of the common factors or themes he has found in collapsed societies is that there is a rapid collapse after attaining the peak, and that some societies due to environmental reasons are more fragile than others. He also argues that conflicts between short term interests of elites vs. long term interests of the society are a big barrier against solving issued. Finally he states that our current paradoxes will be resolved in the next decades.


How our civilization can collapse?

Converging Crises

A future without oil (French with English subtitles) with Pablo Servigne [1hr 10min]

One of the most comprehensive talks about our converging crises. Pablo Servigne is the co-author of Comment tout peut s’effondrer. In this talk he talks about our converging crises and predicament and the work that needs to be done for resilience and adaptation.


On Carrying Capacity

A simple explanation on where we are as humanity in terms of global carrying capacity (maximum sustainable population-consumption).


How to enjoy the end of the world with Dr. Sidney Smith [1hr]

He describes civilization as a structure that dissipates energy. Complexity, energy return on investment, diminishing returns are key concepts in Sidney’s talk. “Every step taken to avoid collapse ensures collapse will be complete”. He explains our predicament of the energy cliff. Problems with “renewable” energy, and replacing liquid fuels. Finally he concludes that collapse is under way and that’s good because otherwise our planet would be too damaged to sustain a large human population.



There’s No Tomorrow: limits to growth and the future [34min]

This video is about the concept of peak oil, energy return on energy investment, and the problem with renewables as a way of maintaining status quo.


Climate Change and Environment

Heading for Extinction, Extinction Rebellion talk with George Monbiot and friends [1hr 30min]

The climate crisis, and rebellion through non violent direct action as an appropriate response. The conservative science on climate change, tipping points, uncertainty in science and risk. Acting as if the truth is real.


This civilisation is finished: so what is to be done? by Rupert Read [40min]

Here Read explains why the efforts to avert climate change catastrophe are not enough. Why our civilization has only three options: total radical transformation, collapse that leads to a succesor civilization, or total collapse. Then he describes what could be done: wake up, talk with others, think civilizational succesion, build lifeboats, holding actions, rebel, and stop to think about what is going on.



Accelerated Crash Course by Chris Martenson [52min]

Chris Martenson the author of The Crash Course explains the links between energy, economy, and environment.  He explains how our economy is dependent on exponential growth and how quickly things will speed up as we approach the end of the curve. The video explains how money is created, the debt problem, and the relationship between energy and the economy.


Limits to Growth

Final Warning: Limits to Growth [42min]

“Although there is scarcely any doubt as to the validity of the study [Limits to Growth], governments worldwide have done very little to solve the major problems. Topics such as overpopulation, environmental pollution, depletion of resources, and consumption are now familiar to everyone, but few people are aware of the impact they can have in the context of exponential growth on Earth, and therefore on all of humanity.”



American Psychosis with Chris Hedges [15min]

Chris Hedges, author of Wages of Rebellion, discusses modern day consumerism, totalitarian corporate power and living in a culture dominated by pervasive illusion. “You can’t talk about hope if you don’t see reality. And reality is very bleak, but that’s a starting point.”


Further Videos:

Responding to collapse adaptation and resilience amidst the decline of civilization

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